3 interesting ways to use a drone:

Ahh… Drones. Those amazing flying pieces of tech awesomeness that have been sparking our imaginations in recent times… They have captivated such a huge number of people, all of whom have used them in similar, but nonetheless, in very different ways as well. If you have just gotten a brand-new drone and you want to get the best out of it, here are some ideas that could help you squeeze every last bit of fun out of your favorite new man toy!

Education of children

Flying around with your brand new drone while your kids are enchanted looking at it? That’s priceless. Be careful and buy only drones that have blade protectors. Last thing you want to happen is to hurt your kid, right? There’s nice guide about best drones for kids on dronesglobe. Take some time and read it, it’s really helpful. Drones aren’t expensive anymore and you won’t loose too much money if you break drone or two 🙂

Drone racing

If you want to test your drone to its maximum, you should either apply to your local drone racing league (if there is one, of course) or build yourself a makeshift drone racing course so you can test your rig out. This should not be too much of a hassle and you will surely enjoy it. While we are at the subject of drone racing, did you guys know that there are actual grand championships in this new sport. In just a couple of days, Drone Racing World Championship is going to take place in Hawaii. It will be separated into different types of competitions such as racing, freestyle and similar. All the best drone racers are going to be there, and if you are located in Hawaii and you bear your share of interest in the sport, it might be a good idea to go and see it. There’s no doubt it’s going to be a ton of fun!

Hide and seek

Here’s a fun little drone powered game that you can play with your place. You can visit a local park or forest (or even your backyard… if you have a big one, of course) and arrange a good old round of hide and seek. Have your friends hide in the area and you do your best to find them with your drone. Once you do, they have to get to you before you can take a clear picture of them. This requires a drone equipped with a camera, but doesn’t need to be that fancy – a decent quality HD camera will do the trick just fine! If your friends have drones as well, you can have a slightly different variation of this game. It requires minimally 2 players with drones – each player hides, for example, 3 objects and the other one has to find them. First one to do so before draining his battery wins!

Halloween pranks

drones-halloweenLast year I saw a great prank video on Youtube that showed an exceptional way of using drones. A couple of pranksters dressed up their drone to resemble the grim reaper. After doing so, they hid in a local park and waited for night to fall. Then, they led their drones onto unsuspecting people who, most commonly, ran as fast as they could to avoid the vile creature that was chasing them. This resulted in spectacular scenarios that really showed a great imaginative way of using drones. With Halloween just around the corner, be creative and you might just make a new viral Youtube sensation!