Stand aside hoverboards, drones with camera are gift #1 for Christmas 2016

Stand aside, hoverboard— the new gadget of the future is here! Drones, also called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), are basically flying robots. That already sounds cool – but wait until you hear more. They come in all shapes and sizes, usually with four or six razors, can be RC (remote-controlled) or non-RC,  and have several different functions, specs, and special features depending on the model.

With hundreds and thousands of hobbyists, collectors, amateurs, forums, websites and organizations dedicated to drones with camera, and even official racing tournaments being held around the world, drones are a serious business. Not only that, but it’s an awesome gift idea too. In case you want to give a present to your gadget-loving friend, or just want a cool, high-tech toy for your friends and family to enjoy, drones may just be the thing you’re looking for.


While most drones are relatively expensive, there is a wide selection of cheaper drones in the market. Drones that cost less are ideal for beginners and casual drone players, while the higher-end drones are suitable for hobbyists and drone racers. In choosing the gift, you’d be better off buying the simpler, cheaper models— though not so cheap that it falls apart easily. Brands such as UTO and Hubsan offer cheap, quality drones, with their respective spare parts (in case you need an extra pair of razors and such) being sold online.

Easy to Use

Most drones are bought ready-to-fly, meaning you don’t have to go through the trouble of assembling them. (Whew!) Drones are usually easy to control, though it depends on the price, model and brand. Make sure you get the right model that suits your needs! You’ll have to do research on your part to ensure that you get the drone that’s best for the person receiving it.



Play outdoors, or have fun in the comfort of your own home. If your drone has a camera, you can take selfies, groupies, and videos with style. You can snap breathtaking scenery shots and enjoy a bird’s eye view of things. Take shots in a unique way. Race with your friends or even join an official race! It’s a toy for kids and adults, casuals and hobbyists alike.

Buying a drone may take a bit of investment in money and research, but it’s well worth the price. Give someone a drone as a gift and they’ll surely appreciate the hours of fun they’ll have with it, not to mention it’s definitely a new gift idea compared to socks and knitted sweaters. If you’re not in a tight budget and are willing to spend some time researching, a drone is one of the best gifts you could give this Christmas.