Can you buy a drone for less than $100?

Hi, everyone.Today I’m going to present you 3 best drones that cost less than $100.

You can’t expect to get best of the best for 100$ but some really cool drones can be found in this list and most important, they are cheap and everyone can afford one.


3) JXD509W

jxd-509wThird place is reserved for Pioneer JXD 509W.It has some really good features like:One-Key return(drones returns to pilot), Headless mode(allow easier orientation) and Altitude holder.

It comes with camera which can tilt 30º angle, allowing different points of view.Only weak spot on this quadcopter is control range, which is only 80 meters.Flight time is 10 minutes and charging time is not long, just one hour.


2) JJRC H26W

jjrc-h26wJJRC is one of the best producers manufacturing low-cost drones.They are innovative and cheap, which is something that customers wants.H26W comes with 2MP camera with a 2-axis adjustable gimbal which means that you can tilt gimbal in four directions, allowing many different point of view,It has One-key return and Headless mode.

JJRC H26W has control range of 300 meters but it can flight only 6 to maximum 8 minutes.


1) JXD 509W

jxd-509wWinner in this category of drones is definetly JXD 509W which is Wi-Fi version of popular 509G.Designers take care of safety so it is made from plastic and propellers are flexible for 90°, make sure that they will not break when crashing.It features One-Key reutn ,Automatic landing, Headless mode and Altitude holder.So much features allow me to say that there is no one quadcopter in this category that has so good performances.