Autoglass america is now all about drones!

Folks, we’re back in the game!

Welcome to our redesigned and conceptually completely different website. Autoglass america has entered drone business, and now we’ll all about drones. We have made some good deal with drone manufacturers from China and now we’re redistributing their drones across USA. It’s going relatively good for now, but of course, we have big plans for 2017. We started this only few months ago and still learning some business things.. that’s how it works, you can’t stop learning new stuff if you want to  be successful.

Maybe some of you already heard of Amazon FBA business concept, that’s pretty much what we’re doing. I believe this is one of the greatest business oportunities in this decade. Most positive thing about this is you can use amazons infrastructure and resources to scale your business faster than ever before. Several years ago, you needed your own warehouses, staff, shipping department etc etc. Now you need none of that. All you need is good idea and some marketing skills. Good idea is needed to select product that has potential but doesn’t have too much of competition.. and marketing skills are needed to help promote those products and sell some of them.

It may sound hard, but it isn’t, at all! Once you go through this process, you’ll see how simple it is. I’ll give my best to help you in my future articles. I’ll talk about drones in particular because I have most experience with that product.