About us



Autoglass America used to be in autoglass business. That’s wasn’t too hard to conclude, right? 🙂 Last few years we weren’t doing very well in that business so we decided to sell out everything and jump in new business oportunity. We weren’t sure what to do, at all. We were really close to buying some real estate properties, we planned to rent them etc. etc. Since competition is too hard in that business, we decided to look for something else. Out of 5 of us, 3 had some experience in IT sector. Marcus and Donald were web developers, while Jonathan had some experience in internet marketing. Naturally, we decided to start some IT related business. First we tought about creating some adsense sites, but that’s oversaturated too.. then we looked into amazon affiliate sites, again the same, oversaturated. Since I was regular reader of nichepersuits, I know something about Amazon FBA business concept. It seemed to be full of potential and still not oversaturated, so we decided to give it a try. That was only few months ago so we’re still considered as beginners. On this blog we’ll track our progress and help you guys to start doing the same if you’re interested!