Stand aside hoverboards, drones with camera are gift #1 for Christmas 2016

Stand aside, hoverboard— the new gadget of the future is here! Drones, also called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), are basically flying robots. That already sounds cool – but wait until you hear more. They come in all shapes and sizes, usually with four or six razors, can be RC (remote-controlled) or non-RC,  and have several different functions, specs, and special features depending on the model.

With hundreds and thousands of hobbyists, collectors, amateurs, forums, websites and organizations dedicated to drones with camera, and even official racing tournaments being held around the world, drones are a serious business. Not only that, but it’s an awesome gift idea too. In case you want to give a present to your gadget-loving friend, or just want a cool, high-tech toy for your friends and family to enjoy, drones may just be the thing you’re looking for.


While most drones are relatively expensive, there is a wide selection of cheaper drones in the market. Drones that cost less are ideal for beginners and casual drone players, while the higher-end drones are suitable for hobbyists and drone racers. In choosing the gift, you’d be better off buying the simpler, cheaper models— though not so cheap that it falls apart easily. Brands such as UTO and Hubsan offer cheap, quality drones, with their respective spare parts (in case you need an extra pair of razors and such) being sold online.

Easy to Use

Most drones are bought ready-to-fly, meaning you don’t have to go through the trouble of assembling them. (Whew!) Drones are usually easy to control, though it depends on the price, model and brand. Make sure you get the right model that suits your needs! You’ll have to do research on your part to ensure that you get the drone that’s best for the person receiving it.



Play outdoors, or have fun in the comfort of your own home. If your drone has a camera, you can take selfies, groupies, and videos with style. You can snap breathtaking scenery shots and enjoy a bird’s eye view of things. Take shots in a unique way. Race with your friends or even join an official race! It’s a toy for kids and adults, casuals and hobbyists alike.

Buying a drone may take a bit of investment in money and research, but it’s well worth the price. Give someone a drone as a gift and they’ll surely appreciate the hours of fun they’ll have with it, not to mention it’s definitely a new gift idea compared to socks and knitted sweaters. If you’re not in a tight budget and are willing to spend some time researching, a drone is one of the best gifts you could give this Christmas.

3 interesting ways to use a drone:

Ahh… Drones. Those amazing flying pieces of tech awesomeness that have been sparking our imaginations in recent times… They have captivated such a huge number of people, all of whom have used them in similar, but nonetheless, in very different ways as well. If you have just gotten a brand-new drone and you want to get the best out of it, here are some ideas that could help you squeeze every last bit of fun out of your favorite new man toy!

Education of children

Flying around with your brand new drone while your kids are enchanted looking at it? That’s priceless. Be careful and buy only drones that have blade protectors. Last thing you want to happen is to hurt your kid, right? There’s nice guide about best drones for kids on dronesglobe. Take some time and read it, it’s really helpful. Drones aren’t expensive anymore and you won’t loose too much money if you break drone or two 🙂

Drone racing

If you want to test your drone to its maximum, you should either apply to your local drone racing league (if there is one, of course) or build yourself a makeshift drone racing course so you can test your rig out. This should not be too much of a hassle and you will surely enjoy it. While we are at the subject of drone racing, did you guys know that there are actual grand championships in this new sport. In just a couple of days, Drone Racing World Championship is going to take place in Hawaii. It will be separated into different types of competitions such as racing, freestyle and similar. All the best drone racers are going to be there, and if you are located in Hawaii and you bear your share of interest in the sport, it might be a good idea to go and see it. There’s no doubt it’s going to be a ton of fun!

Hide and seek

Here’s a fun little drone powered game that you can play with your place. You can visit a local park or forest (or even your backyard… if you have a big one, of course) and arrange a good old round of hide and seek. Have your friends hide in the area and you do your best to find them with your drone. Once you do, they have to get to you before you can take a clear picture of them. This requires a drone equipped with a camera, but doesn’t need to be that fancy – a decent quality HD camera will do the trick just fine! If your friends have drones as well, you can have a slightly different variation of this game. It requires minimally 2 players with drones – each player hides, for example, 3 objects and the other one has to find them. First one to do so before draining his battery wins!

Halloween pranks

drones-halloweenLast year I saw a great prank video on Youtube that showed an exceptional way of using drones. A couple of pranksters dressed up their drone to resemble the grim reaper. After doing so, they hid in a local park and waited for night to fall. Then, they led their drones onto unsuspecting people who, most commonly, ran as fast as they could to avoid the vile creature that was chasing them. This resulted in spectacular scenarios that really showed a great imaginative way of using drones. With Halloween just around the corner, be creative and you might just make a new viral Youtube sensation!

Can you buy a drone for less than $100?

Hi, everyone.Today I’m going to present you 3 best drones that cost less than $100.

You can’t expect to get best of the best for 100$ but some really cool drones can be found in this list and most important, they are cheap and everyone can afford one.


3) JXD509W

jxd-509wThird place is reserved for Pioneer JXD 509W.It has some really good features like:One-Key return(drones returns to pilot), Headless mode(allow easier orientation) and Altitude holder.

It comes with camera which can tilt 30º angle, allowing different points of view.Only weak spot on this quadcopter is control range, which is only 80 meters.Flight time is 10 minutes and charging time is not long, just one hour.


2) JJRC H26W

jjrc-h26wJJRC is one of the best producers manufacturing low-cost drones.They are innovative and cheap, which is something that customers wants.H26W comes with 2MP camera with a 2-axis adjustable gimbal which means that you can tilt gimbal in four directions, allowing many different point of view,It has One-key return and Headless mode.

JJRC H26W has control range of 300 meters but it can flight only 6 to maximum 8 minutes.


1) JXD 509W

jxd-509wWinner in this category of drones is definetly JXD 509W which is Wi-Fi version of popular 509G.Designers take care of safety so it is made from plastic and propellers are flexible for 90°, make sure that they will not break when crashing.It features One-Key reutn ,Automatic landing, Headless mode and Altitude holder.So much features allow me to say that there is no one quadcopter in this category that has so good performances.

Autoglass america is now all about drones!

Folks, we’re back in the game!

Welcome to our redesigned and conceptually completely different website. Autoglass america has entered drone business, and now we’ll all about drones. We have made some good deal with drone manufacturers from China and now we’re redistributing their drones across USA. It’s going relatively good for now, but of course, we have big plans for 2017. We started this only few months ago and still learning some business things.. that’s how it works, you can’t stop learning new stuff if you want to  be successful.

Maybe some of you already heard of Amazon FBA business concept, that’s pretty much what we’re doing. I believe this is one of the greatest business oportunities in this decade. Most positive thing about this is you can use amazons infrastructure and resources to scale your business faster than ever before. Several years ago, you needed your own warehouses, staff, shipping department etc etc. Now you need none of that. All you need is good idea and some marketing skills. Good idea is needed to select product that has potential but doesn’t have too much of competition.. and marketing skills are needed to help promote those products and sell some of them.

It may sound hard, but it isn’t, at all! Once you go through this process, you’ll see how simple it is. I’ll give my best to help you in my future articles. I’ll talk about drones in particular because I have most experience with that product.